Nwn2 druid wild shape handbook

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    29 Dec 2014 Anyway, I’m trying to make a good caster druid that shape shifts because in the original NWN, you could obtain higher AC and better overall
    14 Aug 2014 Wildshape features are dependent on total level, not druid levels. Druids also He gains weapon finesse and track as bonus feats. He also
    Wild shape had an additional form, the panther, that the druid could polymorph into. The NWN2 version does not have this form — omitting the Panther wild shape
    Druid. Animal CompanionElemental ShapeNature Sense. Resist Nature’s LureSpontaneous ConversionTrackless Step. Venom ImmunityWild ShapeWoodland
    27 Dec 2010 7) Those feats related to wild shape elephant hide, oak resilience. Are they .. Unfortunately there is no druid-specific prestige class in NWN2
    woah dude being able to ikd in wild shape would pwn. any chance of I’ve never seen a druid/wildshape build with barb in it since every one
    5 Apr 2007 For Neverwinter Nights 2 on the PC, Druid Guide by Sajber. Level 8 8.10 Level 9 9.0 WILD SHAPE You might or you might not use it, but it’s a
    23 Feb 2012 Neverwinter Nights 2 Character Builder Flurry of blows in wildshape winter wolf with presisent buffs and and fully buffed raptor. Not including what item pluses and bonus carry over to wild shape . Class, Ability, Feats, Extra
    Specifically, I often hear Wildshape being referred to as if it’s the best thing since sliced THAC0. Druid handbooks routinely use phrases like25 Mar 2010 A Druid powerbuild that casts spells while shapeshifted. Melee (in wild shape) and the pet serve as backup attacks. Designed for BG:TSCC,


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